Thursday, Febuary 14th, 2013

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Well, I’m back from Seoul. And happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Anyway, it’s the Chinese New Year Holidays, so I don’t have school. Plenty of time for me to start geeking out again.

And now for something I like-



Ever wonder what happens when you take fictional characters, famous people from history, or people famous in the media, pair them up and have them fight each other….IN RAP BATTLES?You’re going to end up with this awesome Youtube Series.

In the series, the two web comedians Epic Lloyd and Nice Peter pair up against each other as famous people ( eg. Clint Eastwood), fictional characters ( eg. Sherlock Holmes) or media personalities ( eg. Mr. T) and rap against each other. Sometimes, another web personality fills in ( eg. George Watsky as Shakespeare). At the end, the audience gets to vote on who won and the next rap battle via the comments.

I love these because the rapping is awesome, they’re funny as hell ( eg. Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader 2) and generally, you get to vote.

Here’s some rap battles I would like to see:

TF2 Spy vs James Bond

Wreck it Ralph vs Fix It Felix Junior

Britney Spears vs Madonna

 RED Sniper vs BLU Spy
 RED Demoman vs BLU Soldier
 Sherlock Holmes vs Hercule Poirot
The Invisible Man vs The Phantom of the Opera
The Bride of Frankenstein vs The Mummy
Frankenstein’s Monster vs The Creature from the Black Lagoon
Gordon Freeman vs Chell
The Terminator vs Skynet
Jack Skellington vs Slender Man
The Wizard of Oz vs The Queen of Hearts

Ebenezer Scrooge vs Rip Van Winkle

Impey Barbicane vs Captain Nemo

Vanellope Von Schweetz vs Turbo/King Candy

The Wicked Witch of the West/Theodora/Elphaba/Whatever the hell her real name actuall is vs Turbo ( from Wreck It Ralph)

Don Quixote vs Robin Hood

Don Quixote, Dorothy Gale, Wreck It Ralph, Ebenezer Scrooge, Impey Barbicane, Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra, Dr Seuss, Abraham Lincoln, Ludwig Van Beethoven, Freddie Mercury, Bruce Lee, and Clint Eastwood vs Voldemort, The Wicked Witch of the West, Turbo, The Grim Reaper, Phileas Fogg, Taylor Swift and Paris Hilton, Roald Dahl, George Washington, Mozart, Muhammed Ali and John Wayne.

And here are some of my favourites: Adolf Hitler vs Darth Vader 2 Abraham Lincoln vs Chuck Norris Ludwig Van Beethoven vs Justin Bieber Freddie Mercury vs Frank Sinatra Clint Eastwood vs Bruce Lee Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates Mr. Rogers vs Mr. T Michael Jackson vs Elvis Presley Master Chief vs Leonidas Martin Luther King Jr. vs Gandhi Napoleon Bonaparte vs Napoleon Dynamite Wright Brothers vs Mario Bros Stephen Hawking vs Albert Einstein Dumbledore vs Gandalf Genghis Khan vs The Easter Bunny Darth Vader vs Adolf Hitler Christopher Columbus vs Captain Kirk Sarah Palin vs Lady Gaga Nice Peter vs Epic Lloyd Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison Sherlock Holmes vs Batman Dr. Who vs Doc Brown Mozart vs Skrillex Cleopatra vs Marilyn Monroe Rasputin vs Stalin

Thank you for reading this post!

Tuesday Febuary 5th, 2013

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Note: I will be posting less frequently due to the fact I have to go with my family to South Korea and I have a lot more homework and stuff to do.

Today was OK.

In PE, we had CROSS COUNTRY :(. As usual, it was hell, but I managed to beat 3 other people and get a time of 27:49 though.

In Chinese, we did dictation. I got 14.5/15, so not bad.

In Humanities, we continued working on Big History and things.

And now for something I like-

( Right, I’ve decided to skip the Universal Monsters for a while and get on to something else.)



What is Deviantart?

Deviantart is a site that allows people to submit art and ask people to comment on it. It’s often used by fans of various works, people who like art or people who just want to submit fanfics or drawings.

In deviantart, you submit art in a category and people will comment on your work. The community is often very polite and will either gush on how good your work is, favourite it, or give you tips to improve. 

The artists are often teenagers or young adults, and they are surprisingly kind. 

The art ranges from different styles and genres of art, from paintings to drawings, from surrealism to minimalism, from horror to humor. Also, fans of movies, books, anime, etc, can post art related to the work there. Art about them can range from Don Quixote to Wreck It Ralph to Gundam.

If you want to see the site, go here:

If you want to see my profile, go here:

Thank you for reading this post.

Sorry for not updating- January 28th, 2013

Monday, January 28th, 2013


First, A MASSIVE APOLOGY FOR NOT UPDATING FAST- I had lots of homework and revision, so I couldn’t find time.


School was good today.

In Humanities, we finished the first half of the Big History project.

In DT, I worked some more on the design for my paper lamp.

In Chinese, the teacher marked our homework, and in PE, some more rugby. My team won again and I FINALLY managed to catch the ball for once.

Now for something I like:

Universal Monsters- FRANKENSTEIN (1931)



” You have created a monster and it will destroy you!”- Doctor Waldman scolding the young, reckless, ignorant and utterly crazy Henry Frankenstein on seeing him create life.


Frankenstein was also a smash hit in 1931. It had an even bigger impact then Dracula- it made Boris Karloff famous, and the monster in the movie will forever be Frankenstein’s Monster, in pop culture. Every time someone says ” Frankenstein” or ” Frankenstein’s Monster”, we shall always think of Karloff, stomping around with a flat head and bolts in his neck.

The story happens when Henry Frankenstein, obsessed with playing God, collects body parts from graveyards, gallows, etc, with the help of his hunchbacked assistant Fritz.

Later, he invites his worried fiancee, her friend and his old medical professor to watch, as he reanimates the body he stitched together, with lightning, crackling through Tesla Coils and wires in the movie’s most famous scene. As the arm moves, Henry screams the immortal line-

” It’s alive. It’s moving. ( Starts to go mad and hyper) OH IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE!”.

However, while Frankenstein required a normal brain for his experiment, Fritz accidentally got him a CRIMINAL BRAIN. So, when the monster sits up, it sees the sunlight and raises it’s arms. But then, Fritz frightens the monster with a flaming torch, causing it to try to attack them, ending up with the monster getting locked in the dungeon.

Suddenly, Frankenstein’s Monster strangles Fritz, then attacks Dr. Waldman and Henry. They inject it with a powerful and it falls asleep, but not after it has nearly killed Henry and injured Waldman.

Henry leaves for his wedding, while Waldman tries to dissect the creature, but it wakes up and strangles him. It then breaks free and wanders around, eventually playing with a little girl, by throwing daisies into a pond. The monster, being very innocent and childlike, tries to throw her into the water. The girl drowns, even as the monster desperately attempts to save his friend. Remorseful and sad, he leaves.

Soon, the monster breaks into the bride’s room during the wedding, trashes the room and knocks the bride unconscious.

Meanwhile, the little girl’s father arrives, carrying her body. He tells the angry mob of peasants of how the monster murdered his little girl, and they grab torches and pitchforks and attack.

This climaxes in a very violent and thrilling fight in a burning windmill, in which Frankenstein wins and Frankenstein’s Monster is killed. And for a happy ending, Frankenstein and Elizabeth finally get married.

I love Frankenstein’s Monster, seriously. He isn’t a true monster- he’s just an innocent creature, lumbering around for acceptance and love. He only kills in self defense or anger, and is simply very misunderstood.

His appearance is pretty cool too- thank you, Jack Pierce, for an awesome make up job and making the monster look as we all know today.

Finally, he is SUPER STRONG. He can strangle guys in less than a few seconds, he can hit people hard, and he can even seriously injure people after merely just knocking them about. And there’s a strange charm about this particular monster, something I can’t describe in words.

Next up: The Mummy.

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Monday, January 21st, 2013

School was good today.

I showed my blog to the people on my table in English, and the teachers and my classmates thought it was quite good.

In Chinese, we did the usual.

In Science, we did some more work on our posters about Ashton Island, and the energy crisis.

And now for something I like.

The Universal Monsters


What exactly are The Universal Monsters?

Well, they’re some of the oldest, most legendary horror movie monsters ever created. All of them have a massive impact on pop culture, horror movies and countless books, films, TV Shows, music, etc.

These monsters were created by Universal Studios in the 30s to 50s, and had a huge impact on the monsters we all know and love today.

I’ll start talking about them. In order of the year they were released. But to do an entire post about them would use up a lot of my time and energy, so I’ll post about them one at a time. Starting with our blood sucking Count Dracula.

( NOTE: I’m NOT talking about just the films themselves. I’m mainly talking about the MONSTER.)


DRACULA (1931)


” Children of the night! What music they make.”- Count Dracula welcoming Renfield to his castle.


Dracula wasn’t the first Universal Horror Film, but it was the studio’s first big hit. Yes, The Hunchback of Notre Dame and The Phantom of the Opera were all very successful, but this one made the public love Universal and got the money rolling in big time. And this is based on the novel by Bram Stoker.

Basically, it’s the story of an undead vampire, who starts off by inviting the unassuming Renfield to his castle. Before that, Renfield was warned by the locals that the castle had vampires, but he ignores them. He serves dinner to him, then hypnotizes Renfield. Later, Dracula kills a pleading Renfield by biting him then throwing him down a staircase.

After that, Dracula proceeds to attack the ship Vesta, killing everyone on board. Renfield is now his raving loony assistant.

Later at The Royal Albert Hall, Dracula, in London, meets Mina, Dr Seward, Mina’s fiance John Harker and Lucy Weston, the family friend. Dracula enters Lucy’s room at night and sucks her blood out. She dies.

Renfield is studied by Van Helsing, who discovers he is a vampire. Meanwhile, Mina gets bitten as well.

Now it’s up to our heroes to kill the Vampire for once and for all and end his killing spree.

And now for the monster.

Basically, Dracula is on the bottom of my list. Yes, quit complaining. He’s No. 8.


Well, let’s start with the good things, to make him happy.

First, he’s very smart. He knows black magic, he can hypnotize people, and he can transform into ANYTHING at will.

He has a creative way of killing people- sucking the blood out of their neck. He is also very good at stealth, has superhuman strength ( of 20 strong men) and he’s undead, AND STILL LOOKS MIDDLE AGED.

He is also very cultured, serving fine meals and offering comfy beds to his guests/victims/idiotic people who didn’t believe the locals/enemies. And he even admires his enemies too, calling Van Helsing a very clever man.

And now, the bad things.

He’s rather weak for a guy who’s undead. I mean, there are so many ways to kill him. You can burn him, chop his head off, shoot him, stake him, garlic him, scare him with a cross/crucifix/Bible/holy water, and show him sunlight.

Also, the thought of a guy sucking blood never appealed to me either.

But overall, he’s the most elegant out of all the Universal Monsters, and a very frightening one too.

Next up tomorrow: Frankenstein’s Monster.

Thursday, 17th January, 2013

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Well, today was one good day.

In Learning Futures, we had to complete a survey by the Hong Kong Government about smoking, drinking, our life, our health and drugs. Then, we played Monopoly for the rest of the lesson, which was quite fun actually.

In Maths, we did some more revising, some online exercises and some more word problems.

In Drama, we acted out short stories with props and reenacted the story of ” The Old Man and his son”.

And now for something I like.

A Christmas Carol


This is my 4th Favourite Book. Who couldn’t love it? It’s written by Charles Dickens, one of the best english writers of ALL TIME, and the characters are wonderfully detailed, easy to understand and you can fall in love with all of them instantly. And best of all, it’s short and it’s easy to read.

Also, this book is something to really read not just on Christmas, but every other time. It’s a great starter book for anyone who wants to start reading Dickens- the other ones being Oliver Twist, David Copperfield and The Pickwick Papers, which are all really awesome books.

The greatest thing about this book is that it shows anyone can change, and that this edition includes a little extra at the back, talking about the author, activities and questions for book clubs, a glossary and explanations of the characters in there. As well as that, the book keeps the original illustrations, to help people understand even more.

Finally, it’s part of a world- or a mythos. Dickens, like HP Lovecraft, made an entire wonderful world of dashing heroes, terrifying villains, scary ghosts and lovable rogues run across the pages of his books, all set in the dark, grim world of Victorian London. So when you open his book, get ready to say hello to Ebenezer Scrooge, Jacob Marley, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim, the 3 Ghosts and everyone else, because you’re in for a ride.

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

School was fine today.

In Textiles, I worked on the Polartec Fleece I was making. I managed to get the sleeves done along with the rest of the body- unfortunately I couldn’t finish it. Luckily, we had ONE more lesson left, so hopefully I can finish the collar, cuffs and pockets and manage to take it home and wear it. 


In Humanities, we learned more about The Periodic Table from Big History. Although yeah, Kyle was still being a donkeyhole- he trolled and annoyed me, he didn’t focus, but eventually he turned nice again. That’s Kyle for you- he can be nice at times, he can be unfocused at times, he can be pissed off and mean at times, etc.

And now for something I like.




What is Fanfiction?

Basically, Fanfiction is when someone takes the characters from a movie (eg. Wreck it Ralph), a video game ( eg. Team Fortress 2), a novel ( eg. Don Quixote), an anime ( eg. Gundam), a comic book (eg. Tintin), a play (eg. Les Miserables) or a TV Show (eg. Doctor Who), and creates a story based on them. Sometimes Fanfictions will take characters from, say, Kingdom Hearts 2 and put characters from Phoenix Wright in the story too, causing a story type called a crossover.

Most Fanfiction writers are teenagers and fans of the movies, books, etc. Some, however, can be 30 or even 40.

Anyway, the really good things about Fanfiction are that you can write about ANYTHING. You can even write fanfiction about boy bands ( even though only really devoted die hard fans are crazy enough to do that.) Also, there are the reviewers, which are often other fanfiction authord. They’re kind and willing to give you advice to improve, or encourage you to keep on going, or give you ideas, and even express how much they love the story.

I’m a Fanfiction writer myself, and I go by the name of The Wild West Pyro. My profile can be found here:

Anyway, Fanfiction writers use a bunch of words to express themselves. Here are some words you should know:

Fanfic: A short term for Fanfiction

Shipping: Getting two characters together, and making them have a romantic relationship. Eg, Katniss and Peeta.

Slash- A romance pairing involving two male characters or two female characters

OTP: One True Pairing- your favourite couple from that movie, book, show, etc.

Lemons: Fanfiction written by crazy perverts about their couple getting it done. DON’T READ IT UNTIL YOU’RE OVER 18. IT’S HORRIBLE. AT TIMES.

Canon: Used to describe official events that happened in the show, or a ship that is officially confirmed in the movie. ( eg, Fix it Felix and Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck it Ralph)

Anyway, I ship a few couples myself ( embarassment). OK ( deep breath) they are:

Doctor Who:

The 11th Doctor and River Song

The 10th Doctor and Rose

Amy Pond and Rory.

Kung Fu Panda:

Po and Tigress

The Hunger Games:

Katniss and Peeta

Cato and Glimmer

The Phantom of the Opera:

The Phantom and Meg Giry

Rise of the Guardians:

Jack Frost and the Tooth Fairy

Wreck it Ralph

Fix it Felix and Sergeant Calhoun

Vanellope von Schweetz and Rancis Fluggerbutter.

OK. Done.

Here are my Fanfics: For Team Fortress 2. For Rise of the Guardians. For Wreck it Ralph.




Thank you for reading this post.

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013.

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Well, School was actually OK-ish today.

In Science, we had to plot points on a map about ideal spots for wind, solar, and hydroelectric stations in Hong Kong. I had to work with Jakob and Eiji. They were absolute donkeyholes today, though, and kept on messing with my keyboard and generally annoying me.

In PE, Rugby was fun as usual- my team won again.

In Maths, we did some word problems and some more exercises. I had to focus a lot in order for the upcoming test. Sadly, I’m not very good at Maths.

And now for something I like.

My Macbook Pro.



This is the very object I’m using to type this blog.

Although, actually, I have mixed feelings about this certain appliance.

First, the good things about it.

It’s very reliable, and very portable. It has much more useful applications than a PC at times, everything is neat and tidy, it’s fast, it’s easy to type with and you can use Wi Fi. Genius Apple. You can even select the language you want to type with. And it rarely crashes.

And now, the bad things.

It runs out of battery much more quickly, and if your Mac is broken, you have to send it in for repairs, which may take a few hours or days or more. It’s fragile and heavy, and will break easily. And it hurts your eyes. Also, it’s very easy to become addicted to it and it may take over your life, and you will be caught by the web.

So, be careful when using a Macbook, or a Pro, or an air.

Thank you for reading this post.

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Today was quite good.

First, in Humanities, continuing on our ” Big History” Project, we looked at how stars were formed and what the Big Bang actually made. I worked together with Kyle. He was annoying, but I’ll forgive him for that, even if he as a bit of a donkeyhole sometimes.

Next, in DT, I made some progress on the paper lamp design I was making. I used Inkscape and X11 to make the design on my computer. A laser cutter would make the paper design later.

In Chinese,  our teacher droned on and on as usual while we did some more exercises.

Finally, in PE, our team won in Rugby. It was a tie the first round, but in the second round, us Yellows won against The Purples because they couldn’t break through our defensive wall.

End of Journal Entry.

Things that I like:

Usborne Classics Retold: Don Quixote


This is my 2nd favourite book.

What is Don Quixote? It’s a classic in Spain. It’s been named the greatest novel of all time. It’s made Windmills famous.

It’s basically the story of a landowner, who loves reading tales of chivalry- or books about knights, like The Legends of King Arthur, El Cid, etc.

Unfortunately, he believes and is obsessed with these books so much, he goes mad and decides to become a knight errant, who goes around to do good deeds, fight giants and dragons and have fun adventures. Grabbing a lance, a sword, a shield, a very old and creaking suit of armour and his old, thin, bony but speedy and hardy horse, Rocinante, he sets out on a quest to right wrongs and slay evil stuff.

On the way, he picks up a squire called Sancho Panza, who is the village idiot, and loves food. And rides a donkey.

Together, in one of the most legendary partnerships in literature, they go on some of the most hilarious misadventures ever. Don Quixote is very mad, and sees flocks of sheep as enemy armies of evil knights, windmills as giants, wineskins as ogres, etc.


Yeah, that’s both of them.

The original novel was published in TWO PARTS, having over 400,000 words, in the 17th Century by a man called Miguel de Cervantes, so it uses a lot of old english and things like that. So this version from Usborne, brings the best adventures together while keeping the humor of the original novel.

It comes with some good illustrations that show the moments perfectly.

For example, take the most famous scene in the book, the scene people immediately think of when they hear the name of the book- Don Quixote charging at a windmill that he thinks is a evil, four armed giant.


The book shows us this one:


( Sorry for the bad quality)

So there you have it- My favourite book ever.

Thank you for reading this post.

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Friday, January 11th, 2013

Today, School was OK, I guess.

In Chinese, we worked on some exercises in our new workbook, and our teacher droned on and on about provinces and marked our exercises and stuff.

At break, I got changed into my PE Kit, as I was doing Touch Rugby and I didn’t want to spend time changing. After that, I dropped my bags off at C42, then went up to the Atrium- the cafetaria on the 5th floor- to get a snack.

After eating my cookie and samosas and drinking my mango juice, I went back to C42 to game until it was time to take the bus to PE.

Rugby was OK, I guess. My team won. The only problem was that I couldn’t run fast enough to touch someone or get the ball.

In Learning Futures, or Learn Fu, as we like to call it, we learned some more about Capitalism- and it’s good and bad points. Then, Mr. Davis announced something absolutely awesome- for the next few lessons, we would be playing Monopoly! :D.

Finally, I went to Tutor Time. Or was a bit late.

Because, I’d gone downstairs to the carpark. When I got to the car, my mum reminded me I had to go to Tutor Time, so, I had to go back up the stairs, huffing and puffing, to see my tutor group.

Anyway, when I got there, we were all sponsoring each other for the walk for Cancer- so the Hong Kong Cancer Fund could raise money to help more people.

After that I went back home.

End of Journal.

And now for something I like.


Wreck-It Ralph poster

Basically, Wreck it Ralph is one of my favourite animated movies-and one of my all time favourite movies-ever.

It’s basically the story of a arcade game bad guy who does something very risky in order to win a medal so he can become the hero for once.

The movie is AWESOME, in so many ways.

First of all, there’s the story itself. It’s very touching, and there are loads of moments were Ralph is desperately trying to get his medal back so he can get respect from the Nicelanders in his game, who bully him and only see him as the bad guy who wrecks the building.

Second, there were the massive gaming references and cameos from tons of game characters. You can spot Sonic, Ryu, M. Bison, Pac Man, the knight from Joust, Bowser, Zangief, Q*Bert- the cameos are endless. I’m guessing it’s what helped the movie succeed- a little cameo for everyone. And doing that was also a brilliant tribute for video gaming history.

Third, there’s the characters. Each are all wonderfully detailed- from Ralph himself, to Vanellope Von Schweetz, the glitch who is bullied and shunned by everyone because she’s different, and Sergeant Calhoun, the hard as nails female sergeant who has been programmed with ” the most tragic backstory ever”. You can sympathise with them too- Ralph is forced to sleep in bricks while Fix it Felix, the hero of the game Ralph lives and works in, although a nice man himself to Ralph, is given by the Nicelanders an apartment in the luxurious apartment building. Vanellope Von Schweetz has no friends at all, is lonely, desperately wants to race, and is treated like dirt by everyone because she’s different from everyone else. Calhoun was about to get married to her fiance when a Cy Bug, the very thing she was fighting to stop, smashed the window of the church and ate her groom. She was forced to kill her groom via a giant minigun she had under her wedding dress, because since Cy Bugs become what they eat, she couldn’t bear the sight of her groom turning into a monster.

I can relate specially to Ralph and Vanellope too. I get bullied a lot by my schoolmates, my family, who don’t realize it, some of my teachers and even my FRIENDS. Kyle trolls me a lot, and Gabriel keeps on saying I’m stupid.

Finally, this film is up for the Oscars and is battling Brave, Paranorman, Frankenweenie and The Pirates: Band of Misfits for the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

I hope it wins. If it doesn’t, well, there’s always the Golden Globes….

Also, the Junior Novel is my 3rd Favourite Book.


And if you happen to be thinking ” Hey, if he’s a fan of the movie, he would be a fan of this kiddie book-” boy, you are DEAD WRONG.

Yes, Yes, I know, I know that this is a kid’s book and has pictures and stuff, but then this isn’t like any other junior novel I’ve read.

It tells the entire story, even though some bits in the movie are different, and somehow keeps the massive emotional punch in there. It’s a really emotional story. You can understand Ralph’s desperation and Vanellope’s plight perfectly. And somehow, you just want to read it again and again and again.

My First Post

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Hi There!

I’m Nicholas Wong, the 13 year old Chinese Kid who set up this blog. The reason?

My English Teacher gave us homework today, which was to set up a blog.

So, some things you might want to know about me:

  • I live in Hong Kong
  • I go to South Island School
  • I like reading, drawing, gaming, listening to music, surfing the internet, etc.
  • I use a Macbook Pro.
  • I’m currently in Year 9 at school.
  • I get bullied a lot. But I’ll talk about that some time later.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Reading, Drawing, Gaming ( online gaming, that is), Listening to Music ( on Youtube and iTunes), Surfing the Internet, Writing Fanfiction ( I write stories under the pen name of The Wild West Pyro), collecting funny pictures on 9Gag, Christianity, my friends, my family, etc.


Homework, Maths, Boring Stuff, Stuck at Home, Trolls, Demons and Satanic Stuff ( for some reason I have a phobia of both), Bullies, Crime, Abuse, Injustice, Getting Wet, getting Pranked, etc.

Anyway, I’ll be writing about my days at school and the things I like.

Here are also some pictures of the stuff I like:

Wreck it Ralph Film Poster

41moWwBmAlL._SS500_ P1050277

Thank you for reading this post.