Monday, January 14th, 2013

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Today was quite good.

First, in Humanities, continuing on our ” Big History” Project, we looked at how stars were formed and what the Big Bang actually made. I worked together with Kyle. He was annoying, but I’ll forgive him for that, even if he as a bit of a donkeyhole sometimes.

Next, in DT, I made some progress on the paper lamp design I was making. I used Inkscape and X11 to make the design on my computer. A laser cutter would make the paper design later.

In Chinese,  our teacher droned on and on as usual while we did some more exercises.

Finally, in PE, our team won in Rugby. It was a tie the first round, but in the second round, us Yellows won against The Purples because they couldn’t break through our defensive wall.

End of Journal Entry.

Things that I like:

Usborne Classics Retold: Don Quixote


This is my 2nd favourite book.

What is Don Quixote? It’s a classic in Spain. It’s been named the greatest novel of all time. It’s made Windmills famous.

It’s basically the story of a landowner, who loves reading tales of chivalry- or books about knights, like The Legends of King Arthur, El Cid, etc.

Unfortunately, he believes and is obsessed with these books so much, he goes mad and decides to become a knight errant, who goes around to do good deeds, fight giants and dragons and have fun adventures. Grabbing a lance, a sword, a shield, a very old and creaking suit of armour and his old, thin, bony but speedy and hardy horse, Rocinante, he sets out on a quest to right wrongs and slay evil stuff.

On the way, he picks up a squire called Sancho Panza, who is the village idiot, and loves food. And rides a donkey.

Together, in one of the most legendary partnerships in literature, they go on some of the most hilarious misadventures ever. Don Quixote is very mad, and sees flocks of sheep as enemy armies of evil knights, windmills as giants, wineskins as ogres, etc.


Yeah, that’s both of them.

The original novel was published in TWO PARTS, having over 400,000 words, in the 17th Century by a man called Miguel de Cervantes, so it uses a lot of old english and things like that. So this version from Usborne, brings the best adventures together while keeping the humor of the original novel.

It comes with some good illustrations that show the moments perfectly.

For example, take the most famous scene in the book, the scene people immediately think of when they hear the name of the book- Don Quixote charging at a windmill that he thinks is a evil, four armed giant.


The book shows us this one:


( Sorry for the bad quality)

So there you have it- My favourite book ever.

Thank you for reading this post.


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