Sorry for not updating- January 28th, 2013

Monday, January 28th, 2013


First, A MASSIVE APOLOGY FOR NOT UPDATING FAST- I had lots of homework and revision, so I couldn’t find time.


School was good today.

In Humanities, we finished the first half of the Big History project.

In DT, I worked some more on the design for my paper lamp.

In Chinese, the teacher marked our homework, and in PE, some more rugby. My team won again and I FINALLY managed to catch the ball for once.

Now for something I like:

Universal Monsters- FRANKENSTEIN (1931)



” You have created a monster and it will destroy you!”- Doctor Waldman scolding the young, reckless, ignorant and utterly crazy Henry Frankenstein on seeing him create life.


Frankenstein was also a smash hit in 1931. It had an even bigger impact then Dracula- it made Boris Karloff famous, and the monster in the movie will forever be Frankenstein’s Monster, in pop culture. Every time someone says ” Frankenstein” or ” Frankenstein’s Monster”, we shall always think of Karloff, stomping around with a flat head and bolts in his neck.

The story happens when Henry Frankenstein, obsessed with playing God, collects body parts from graveyards, gallows, etc, with the help of his hunchbacked assistant Fritz.

Later, he invites his worried fiancee, her friend and his old medical professor to watch, as he reanimates the body he stitched together, with lightning, crackling through Tesla Coils and wires in the movie’s most famous scene. As the arm moves, Henry screams the immortal line-

” It’s alive. It’s moving. ( Starts to go mad and hyper) OH IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE, IT’S ALIVE!”.

However, while Frankenstein required a normal brain for his experiment, Fritz accidentally got him a CRIMINAL BRAIN. So, when the monster sits up, it sees the sunlight and raises it’s arms. But then, Fritz frightens the monster with a flaming torch, causing it to try to attack them, ending up with the monster getting locked in the dungeon.

Suddenly, Frankenstein’s Monster strangles Fritz, then attacks Dr. Waldman and Henry. They inject it with a powerful and it falls asleep, but not after it has nearly killed Henry and injured Waldman.

Henry leaves for his wedding, while Waldman tries to dissect the creature, but it wakes up and strangles him. It then breaks free and wanders around, eventually playing with a little girl, by throwing daisies into a pond. The monster, being very innocent and childlike, tries to throw her into the water. The girl drowns, even as the monster desperately attempts to save his friend. Remorseful and sad, he leaves.

Soon, the monster breaks into the bride’s room during the wedding, trashes the room and knocks the brideĀ unconscious.

Meanwhile, the little girl’s father arrives, carrying her body. He tells the angry mob of peasants of how the monster murdered his little girl, and they grab torches and pitchforks and attack.

This climaxes in a very violent and thrilling fight in a burning windmill, in which Frankenstein wins and Frankenstein’s Monster is killed. And for a happy ending, Frankenstein and Elizabeth finally get married.

I love Frankenstein’s Monster, seriously. He isn’t a true monster- he’s just an innocent creature, lumbering around for acceptance and love. He only kills in self defense or anger, and is simply very misunderstood.

His appearance is pretty cool too- thank you, Jack Pierce, for an awesome make up job and making the monster look as we all know today.

Finally, he is SUPER STRONG. He can strangle guys in less than a few seconds, he can hit people hard, and he can even seriously injure people after merely just knocking them about. And there’s a strange charm about this particular monster, something I can’t describe in words.

Next up: The Mummy.


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