Tuesday Febuary 5th, 2013

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Note: I will be posting less frequently due to the fact I have to go with my family to South Korea and I have a lot more homework and stuff to do.

Today was OK.

In PE, we had CROSS COUNTRY :(. As usual, it was hell, but I managed to beat 3 other people and get a time of 27:49 though.

In Chinese, we did dictation. I got 14.5/15, so not bad.

In Humanities, we continued working on Big History and things.

And now for something I like-

( Right, I’ve decided to skip the Universal Monsters for a while and get on to something else.)



What is Deviantart?

Deviantart is a site that allows people to submit art and ask people to comment on it. It’s often used by fans of various works, people who like art or people who just want to submit fanfics or drawings.

In deviantart, you submit art in a category and people will comment on your work. The community is often very polite and will either gush on how good your work is, favourite it, or give you tips to improve. 

The artists are often teenagers or young adults, and they are surprisingly kind. 

The art ranges from different styles and genres of art, from paintings to drawings, from surrealism to minimalism, from horror to humor. Also, fans of movies, books, anime, etc, can post art related to the work there. Art about them can range from Don Quixote to Wreck It Ralph to Gundam.

If you want to see the site, go here:


If you want to see my profile, go here:


Thank you for reading this post.


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