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My First Post

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Hi There!

I’m Nicholas Wong, the 13 year old Chinese Kid who set up this blog. The reason?

My English Teacher gave us homework today, which was to set up a blog.

So, some things you might want to know about me:

  • I live in Hong Kong
  • I go to South Island School
  • I like reading, drawing, gaming, listening to music, surfing the internet, etc.
  • I use a Macbook Pro.
  • I’m currently in Year 9 at school.
  • I get bullied a lot. But I’ll talk about that some time later.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Reading, Drawing, Gaming ( online gaming, that is), Listening to Music ( on Youtube and iTunes), Surfing the Internet, Writing Fanfiction ( I write stories under the pen name of The Wild West Pyro), collecting funny pictures on 9Gag, Christianity, my friends, my family, etc.


Homework, Maths, Boring Stuff, Stuck at Home, Trolls, Demons and Satanic Stuff ( for some reason I have a phobia of both), Bullies, Crime, Abuse, Injustice, Getting Wet, getting Pranked, etc.

Anyway, I’ll be writing about my days at school and the things I like.

Here are also some pictures of the stuff I like:

Wreck it Ralph Film Poster

41moWwBmAlL._SS500_ P1050277

Thank you for reading this post.